Wiggins defeated Martina in super time, Bárta again in Top 10

Only on the first halfway through the 12th kilometer, Tony Martin was his favorite number one, but only four seconds before Wiggins. In the middle of the track, he had lagged behind his challenger for two seconds-and his loss grew.

Bradley Wiggins flew with another great triumph of his career.

And at the very end, after 47.1 kilometers in Ponferrada, there was a 26 second victory over the British Sir.

For the Tour de France titles and the Olympics they fought for in their season Dreams 2012, he added his world premiere title on betting during the football match the road.Last time, such a “triple crown” was completed by Miguel Indurain in 1996. Of course, Wiggins already had six world championships, but he still owned only two “silver” from 2011 and 2013, always behind Tony Martin. Now he has eliminated his German obstacle on the way to the rainbow jersey.

With the aim of exhaustion he fell to the ground, at that moment clearly leading 40 seconds before the Dutchman Dumoulin. Then he only waited for Martin to meet. This year, the German dominated the time of the Tour, also dominating the last three world championships. Jan Bárta told Martin in exaggeration that he would be defeated only if one of the riders went “on a motorbike”.Wiggins had only a lap, yet he did.

“He surprised me.I thought Martin would win, but Wiggins was well prepared, “commented Czech coach Tomáš Konečný.

Wiggins assured: “My legs are well tuned.” He expected Martin to ride on the flat first half of the track. “But I believed it could be decided on a downhill where the legs would feel the previous 30 kilometers.”

The title was given to his family. “It stood for me in July, when I was really a lot messy about not being on Tour.” That’s when Chris Froome did not stand for his presence in the Sky Team, and Dave Brailsford’s manager met the wishes of his biggest star.

Forty-year-old Wiggins has now confirmed what he has already indicated. It was his last world championship on the road, he wants to focus again on the track again in the future. “I said goodbye to the gold medal.I won what I could, all the titles. Overtaking the world record in the hourly hours is another challenge for me now. ”

Bronz won Tom Dumoulin to make the second medal for Dutch men’s bikes in the world championship.

Jan Bárta, starting seventh from the end, raced the race well, in the first half with a minimum loss of fourth, halfway through the seventh. Critical moments for him occurred probably between the 23rd and 35th kilometer when he took the biggest loss and temporarily dropped out of the top ten.

“If you want to go to the medal, you have to go from the beginning to the full. I did not see the car somewhere, it was rather bonus or free bet for registration continuous, “said Konečný coach. “He did it well and kept pace all the time.He did not lose it, but the others were faster at the end. ”

The bets on the final kilometers of Bárta were among the top ten. Only for the fourth time in the history of professional cycling, the Czech Republic is a representative of the Top 10 Elite category in the world championship.

“The conclusion was terribly demanding, going on the circuit of Sunday’s individual race where there are heavy hills. There it was about who was left with enough power. But Honza did it, he got Van Garderena, a nice scalp. The ten is a success, “Konečný said. “It can always be better, even Honza believed in five, but everyone in the world championship is fine. Good for me.He fulfilled what we expected. “František Raboň, Bartův předchůdce on the Czech timekeeping throne, in the broadcast of Czech Television, said:” Honza is there with the best, but if he had better material and possibilities of Sky teams, Omega or Movistar, it could take three quarters of a minute – and then it could also jump to the top three. “While in the past championship Barth was behind the winner Martin for three minutes, this time his distance was great Lower: 1:43 minutes.

Each of his start in the time slot ended in 11th place. And the same is true of his three appearances at world championships.

Twenty-one-year-old Petr Vakoč finished 29th out of 65 starters in his debut.The third youngest biker in the starting list can be happy with himself, leaving behind a number of bikers of renowned names.