In the rules of the Road fixed

In Traffic Regulations it is recorded that children under 12 years of age (and less than 1.50 m) can only be carried in special child seats are not permitted for carriage on the adults lap, pillows, or even more so, standing between the seats! The use of special seats for transporting children in the car reduced the percentage of child injuries in accidents 3.5 times!

The principle of operation of the car as simple as possible – their function is to protect the child from the forces of inertia at the moment of collision. From the results of crash tests can be seen as the seat of the passenger in such a moment throws the car’s interior, and its own weight it can even kill those who are wearing safety belts. Conventional straps for adult to baby is not enough, because it is designed to rise above 1.35 m and weighing at least 36 kg. That is, even an adult, whose weight does not reach 36 kg and height – 1.35 m must be transported in a car seat.

And note that it is impossible to replace the car seat cushion because of the accident, the cushion is bent under the weight of the child, so benefit from it there will be no.

Also it is unacceptable to wear a common belt with the child sitting on the lap of an adult, because at the moment of collision, the weight of it will increase speed speed and will put pressure on the belt, and thus on the child, threatens him with fractures and strangulation.

Obviously, it is not permitted to transport adults wearing baby in a sling, as in the time of the accident it just throw away from him.

Selection rules for car seats for children
Today there is a wide selection of car seats for the age group 0-12 years. For the youngest we recommend the use of a car bed (age group 0). It is mounted on the car seat side, has a wide belt that secures the child in the cradle, and fastened the safety belts of the car. In this cradle the child is completely in the supine position.
the travel system category 0
The car seats category 0+ is designed for babies weighing 3-13 kg, which is approximately 1.5 years. Usually they have a rigid handle-carrying, which enables you to change the angle of elevation, and the type of fastening their own seat belts, the seat belts of the vehicle or by using a special hard fixtures for the ISOFIX system. The kit includes a rigid headrest for children under 2 months, which you can then remove.

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