FC Crotone – Udinese Calcio 0:3

The Monday finale of the 15th round of the highest Italian competition began with the first match at seven o’clock and offered one big show. The main player was Jakub Jankto, a two-goal midfielder who contributed greatly to the clear win of Zeber over Crotone.

Udinese looked at Crotone, where it is not easy to play. As a result, Energybet none of the teams are currently running, and Zeber has been sitting for weeks with the newcomer Massimo Oddo, and has the task of waking up again. Today’s rival, who is on the table just below Udinese, was supposed to help Zebras. The start of the basic group was the Czech youth Barák and Jank.

Right, Antonín Barák had the first interesting event of the game and after the recording he even got a beautiful shot from behind the lime. Goalkeeper Alex Cordaz welcomed his warm-up attempt and eventually liquidated. On the other side of the course, after the Energybet combination with Nalinim, the veteran Aleksandar Tonev, who was not closely guarded by the guard, was employed by the goalkeeper Bizzarri.

Very often both teams relied on shooting. There was concern in the stands when, at the 27 minute mark, Maxi López hit the ground hard, but he refused the attention of the trainer and rejoined his teammates on the pitch. Ten minutes before the break, (literally) the goalkeeper Albano Bizzarri had to pull off to defeat Nalini’s unpleasant shotgun. A few Energybet moments later, the audience could enjoy the first time.

Jakub Jankto did not change his chance at first, but goalkeeper Cordaz missed Lasagna’s shot just ahead of him. There, Jankto’s attention was quick, and the ball was comfortable to the gate – 1: 0 for home players!

It was not the last success of a Czech youngster, because shortly after the change of sides he did a very good job of veteran Max López, he presented the ball on the edge of lime lurking Jankt and he technically shot the second time in Energybet today’s game!

The home ekipa did not look a little satisfied, but her runs were not dangerous. Even the pace of the game did not go down in the second half, but rather the home team was randomly trying to break the combination of guests. The Zebras got one more goal. 66 minutes into the game, Jakub Jankto saw his teammates Barak, who found Kevina Lasagna with a great pass and he was essentially alone and unguarded by a two-on-one attack – 3: 0.