Czechs in Dallas: Faksa lives at Hemski and praises Hudler

Now a new Czech team is forming in the league. This time in Texas and without superstar Jágra, but it pays to watch her. Three capable assailants met in Dallas: Aleš Hemský, Jiří Hudler and Radek Faksa. They are close to each other, they can count on themselves.

Radek Faksa was in the Dallas team, thanks to compatriot Aleš Hemský.

“I knew last season, helped, “says MF DNES 22-year-old Faksa. Dallas called him out of the farm last year, and he had to spend 1xbet mobile the first months at the hotel. The elder compatriot fortunately offered him temporary accommodation. “I’ve been living with my girlfriend since January at Hemski and I feel good here.”

The Czechs have made friends, as coach Ruff has noticed and put them in the same line in the winter. Then he did not divide them, the cooperative trembling.If necessary, the thoughtful Hemsky spoke with the newcomer. “He tried to reassure me, I was really on the ice,” recalls Fakas, who also played with the partner in the World Cup.

There are rules in the NHL that can surprise the young people. The matches are riding in a suit, a respect for older players is required. It is unacceptable for a greenman to step out of a bus or aircraft before veterans.

Hudler? Jokes every day

In the summer Dallas added another Bohemian – seasoned Hudler. Strike in Florida did not go too far, after the season he became a free player and could choose where to go.According to the words of his agent, Paul Marshun, Dallas was a logical choice.

“Jirka knows with Star manager Jim Niall, who once drafted him in Detroit. He told him that they were counting on him in the first two pence and on the power games. I do not think it played such a role that there are two free bets Czechs in Dallas. It was mainly the ambition of the team, “he explains.

You have a club high. He had the most goals in the league last season, the best part of the league was the best in the West Conference. The arrival of the game maker – who in the 2014/15 season is the eighth point in the NHL scoring – will attack even more.

Hudler is also a known helicopter and joker, the team will revive. He has proven himself in Calgary, where he spent less than four seasons.He glowed on the ice and took on the gifted attackers Monahan and Gaudreau. “Jirka will be one of our leaders, he is experienced, every day comes with some joke,” Faksa smiles.

The kings are chatting together in Czech but in the cabin they prefer to go to English. They take into account the teammates. As Hudler recently told “These are Dallas Stars, not the Czech Republic.”